Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to invest in Greene’s Field?

Years of use by large numbers of children caused the fields, basketball court and old wooden playground to deteriorate.  The grass is now worn to dirt in many areas and the old wooden playground was declared unsafe for kids to play on in 2010 and was torn down.

What will the new playground look like?  What type of equipment will it have?

The exact playground structures and equipment will depend on how much money we are able to fundraise and will be determined next spring.  The goal is to raise enough money for two play structures, one for younger children and another, more challenging one, for older children.  The Needham Park and Recreation Department will have the final say over what type of equipment will be in the playground.

Why do we need a playground at Greene’s Field?

Greene’s Field is an important park in the center of Needham.  A playground will serve as a gathering point for families, encourage people to visit Needham Center and its businesses, raise nearby property values and enhance the sense of community that we all enjoy.  A recent survey of Needham residents found recreational opportunities are the town function that residents want most to have improved.

What about the rest of the park?  Will it be fixed up too?

Yes! The Greene’s Field revitalization project is much bigger than just a playground.  It includes a rehabilitation of the baseball diamond, basketball court and grass fields.  Additionally, a walking path, gazebo and new landscaping will be installed.  The town plans to pay for the non-playground improvements.  We are fundraising to ensure a beautiful playground gets built as part of the overall project.

Why can’t the town pay for the playground?

Needham has a tradition of residents coming together to help build playground projects.  The Board of Selectmen is asking the town to support approximately half the playground’s cost by setting aside money from the Community Preservation Act.  We are planning to fundraise the other half of the cost.

 How much money do you want to raise?

Our committee has a goal of raising $100,000 through private donations.  The total cost of the playground will be around $200,000.

That seems like a lot of money.  Why spend so much to build a playground?

We want to build a playground that will be a solid investment for Needham and provide decades of enjoyment to children and families.  We also want to build a playground large enough so that it will appeal to children of a variety of ages, and be able to handle the large crowds of children that played on the previous play structure.

When will the new playground be built?

We hope the playground will be constructed next summer, along with the rest of Greene’s Field improvements.

 What is the Get A’Board program?

A limited number of engraved boards, created by an artist in Maine, are being sold as a fundraiser for the Greene’s Field playground, similar to a “buy-a-brick” program.  If you purchase one, you may have it engraved with up to 19 characters.   When the playground is complete, the boards will form a wooden path near the playground.  Learn more here:

How much will the boards be sold for?

Individuals can purchase a board for $200.  Businesses can sponsor a board for $500 and non-profits receive a special discount and can purchase boards for $400.

How can I purchase a board?

Boards will being sold through the Get A’Board page of the Greene’s Field website starting in November.

Will people be able to sponsor a bench?

Yes!  Benches with engraved plaques may be purchased for $5,000.  Details can be found here:

How can I donate money?

Please click here to make a secure donation by credit card.  If you would like to mail a check, you can make the check out to Needham Sports Council – Greene’s Field and mail it to: Needham Sports Council, Greene’s Field, PO Box 920682, Needham, MA, 02492.

Are you a non-profit?  Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, the project has formal non-profit status and all donations are tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

How can I find out more information?

Please visit the news section of our website for project updates..

What can I do to help?

1)      Tell your friends and neighbors about the exciting improvements planned for Greene’s Field!

2)      Consider making a tax-deductible donation that will benefit children and families in Needham for decades to come!

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